What´s the deal with Hoth?


FINSE in Norway is HOTH. A magical place where your soul can breathe – and your head can explode with wonder! As film tourism goes, this is special. It´s not a film set. It´s a PLANET. In every direction there´s mountains, glaciers and it will take our breath away, once you´re in the middle of it.


Coming to Norway in 1979 was, in the words of director Irvin Kershner, a “baptism of fire”. They encountered the worst weather Finse had seen in over 100 years, equipped with film equipment that they needed to operate during these conditions. It was no easy feat, for sure.

But they soldiered on and through heavy snow and gale winds, they were able to film one of the most iconic stories ever told – the story we all love: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

The Finse production is the only time during all Star Wars productions that the crew are signified by a uniform. The “crew blue” polar outfits made by Ski-Peer, gives us all a special connection to this particular part of the production. Wouldn´t you just love to be one of them? Well, according to most crew we´ve talked to – it´s a “be careful what you wish for” type of situation. The work was so hard, every crew member dropped dead of exhaustion every single night for the whole period. It was simply cruel conditions with temperatures waaaay below minus 20 degrees celsius, and the soup was seldom hot once it arrived on the glacier by Aktiv Snow Trac snowmobiles (or ski-doos).  We´ll take Alan Tomkins word for it…

Notice the sticker on the windshield. Cool picture, huh? Does it make you hum the soundtrack?

For many years, the hotel did not recognize it´s part in the Star Wars saga. But one fine day someone did, and the rest is history. Now HOTH is available to you in a way that it hasn´t been before.

Every year we have a gathering called VISIT HOTH. We celebrate the ingenuity, the industrious attitude, the hard work, the fellowship and the creativity that once happened right here. We´ve found Han Solo Rock for you. We have dogs that´ll take you there. You can ski out to location. You can don snow-shoes and pick up a couple of poles – and trek into your wilderness. It´s a moment you will never forget.


HOTH is Finse – and Finse is magical. It awaits your visit, and we have saved you a seat…

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Chr berrum
Norwegian crew-member Christian Berrum on location in 1979. Finse, Norway.


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