How to get here

So you might ask: “where do I park”? Answer: that´s not an option…

If you´re thinking of coming, why not come to the VISIT HOTH festival that we have every year? You find all the info you need about it by clicking here. If you are coming in the summer or at another time – you´ll find that all the HOTH info you need is right there at the hotel where they actually stayed while filming. The same hotel YOU will stay in! Anyways. We´re getting ahead of ourselves here…


The magical HOTH sequence in The Empire Strikes Back was shot in Norway – Finse. The only way to get there, is by train. The train that will take you there, is called BERGENSBANEN and is a journey that will take you from Oslo to Bergen – and back. Finse is the highest point on this journey, situated at 1222 meters above sea level. At Finse, there are no roads (hello Back to the Future quotes!). So the train will remain your only option.

The ABC of getting there. You fly to Norway, you take the train to Finse, you stay at the same hotel that the crew used – called FINSE 1222, which is located directly on the train platform. On the other side of the hotel, facing the glacier: wilderness!

We´ll go through this in a orderly fashion…

First up, you need to fly to Oslo or Bergen, whichever is the best option for you. Oslo is the capital of Norway with lots to do and see, Bergen is a wonderful coastal-town and very charming. The journey from Bergen is about 2 hours, from Oslo it´s 4,5 hours to Finse. So the train-ticket is cheaper from Bergen than it is from Oslo. But, some people prefer to visit Oslo while they´re at it…so it´s up to you. You can also of course fly to Oslo, take the train to Finse – and then continue on to Bergen, if you´d like.



The flying bit. The Oslo airport has a callsign OSL – and Flesland in Bergen has a callsign BGO. So from wherever you´re coming, that´s what you search for.

The train. Train-tickets you purchase at NSB – which you´ll find here (english version) and here (norwegian version). If you´re early, the prices are low at so called “mini-price”. Look for those on the norwegian version, if you can´t find them on the english one…

The FINSE 1222 hotel. This hotel is the home of the EMPIRE-crew and is still fully operational today. They have a little something for the HOTH traveller inside the hotel. The crew working there is AMAZINGLY friendly, the food there is INSANELY great. The rooms are simple, but functional and clean – made to work best for those who wear a lot of snowgear. The normal Finse guest is a person that´s about to do some skiing, ski-sailing or other. They have sauna, they have big fireplaces, they have wonderful lunches and the breakfast is GREAT. And not forgetting it´s surroundings – simply magical…

You can book your stay by writing to – or, if you want to explore their site, you click here. The picture below showing a typical slow day at Finse 1222…

The entrance at FINSE 1222.


Clothing. If you´re going to Finse when the weather is most like the HOTH scenes, you should come in january – the middle of march. And if you do that, you should bring warm clothing, appropriate boots for deep snow, ski-goggles and your camera. Here´s a list of typical clothing that you might need when visiting HOTH:

The hotel can rent you mountain skis and snowshoes if you would like to go on the glacier.

And don´t forget – we´re doing the VISIT HOTH festival every year at FINSE 1222 hotel – you are most welcome to join us then!